Monday, February 22, 2010

Destined to be an Old Maid???

So I am sitting here in bed at 11:56pm just barely done with my nightly homework when I receive an email inviting me to yet ANOTHER facebook group of two people whom I know that are happily going to be married. Now this has nothing, well almost nothing to do with that couple, it has everything to do with the preconceived notion that society impresses upon young women today that there is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and the longer you are single the closer you get to detonation. Since when did age 23 become the new "Old Maid"? Since when did wanting to finish college and be able to support myself as a strong, independent woman become the enemy and fighting force against motherhood and wifedom? Why is there this idea that you must get married in order to feel complete? I HATE all of these ideas, notions and concepts!

I am still trying to figure out who I am as an individual, what I want in life and how to accomplish those goals that I have and will set for myself. Until I can figure out who I am and who I want as an eternal mate it is ridiculous for me to search for this "perfect" person that I am supposed to find ASAP. How can I know who I want to spend the rest of my life with if I don't really know who I am?

Now besides the self-discovery aspect of my opinions and reasons for not wanting to get married right now I delved deeper into my psyche as well as modern society's to see if I could figure out what else might be behind the different opinion that I, and others my age, have. The truth is, selfishness is what drives those of us who do not want to get married right now and start having babies. I know that this is true within myself. I don't want the responsibility of taking care of another human being whether that is a husband or child. I enjoy being single right now and not having to shave my legs regularly if I don't want to or cook meals every night. There is a lot of responsibility attached to marriage and parenthood...responsibility I don't feel I am ready (or don't want ???) to take on yet.

So the questions I have to ask myself are...Is it wrong to want to be single and not have the world bearing down on my shoulders? Is it wrong not to want children anytime in the near future and even then it is a big maybe? Is it wrong to want to spend my prime adult years truly finding myself and figuring out what I want before trolling the streets for a man? Is it OK to like spending Saturday night with a good book and my dog curled up next to me? What is so confusing is that the answers I have to these questions and the answers society provide are in direct conflict. So the ultimate question is...What do I do about it? Do I continue to be true to myself and stick it to the world or do I begin to conform to society because it is much easier to go with the grain and not against it. I was raised to get the splinters instead of just sanding down the board as long as it is what I truly believe in my heart to be right...and I think that is what I will continue to do regardless of what others might think.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I decided that I have a lot of random information, theories and strong opinions that I want to get out in the public. It doesn't really matter to me who, if anybody reads all I have to say but I truly enjoy the right to freedom of speech and figured this is the best way to utilize it.

The name of my blog is a combination of two inspirations, the first is the Boom-Boom part which is inspired by my Aunt Ida whose nickname for me since I was a little girl was Boom-Boom. My brave aunt is battling brain cancer right now and she gives me so much strength in my life and has helped strengthen my faith in the Lord through her example and what this has done to help me communicate with my Heavenly Father more. Our family was never one for nicknames and this has been the only nickname I have ever had and the fact that it came from such an amazing woman who has been such a huge part of my life warrants it enough of an inspiration in my life to name my blog after it.

The second part, although obvious, was inspired by my incredible cousin Megan. She gave me the encouragement and support enough to push me over the edge so that I would actually create this blog. I hope everyone will feel the way she does in that I have a smidgen of talent in the writing area and that what i say matters and others would want to hear it. Megan has always inspired me and been somebody I want to emulate in that she graduated college, got married and is not pregnant with the first little one of our generation. She has set an example that you can follow the traditional path in life and not screw around or make stupid choices and come out on top while being happy and satisfied with the person you are. I hope that someday I can follow the path she has set for many of our generation.

As you can see, both parts of my blog title were inspired by two very influential people in my life who are members of my family. Conclusion: Family is are nothing without it. I love my family, immediate and extended, so much that I would do anything for them.

I hope this is the beginning of a great blog and I welcome any and all comments for this as well as all following entries. Good night to all.